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One-on-One online Traineeship - Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer

Trialect at https://trialect.com/ has partnered with the faculty of Portsmouth University, UK, to provide online one-on-one mentoring/traineeship opportunity to scientists and physicians involved in basic science research in the areas of multiple sclerosis and cancer. You will be given a certificate at the end of mentorship by the host mentor. For Merit Category applicants, Trialect will take care of their training program and all administration fees charged by the host institute. The application process can be perused at: Portsmouth University Online Mentoring Program

Online Mentorship Includes:

  • Mandatory Component: Career Advice
  • Additional Component: Project Advice


The “Project advice” includes:

  • Discussions on understanding the background to the project;
  • Effective literature searching on the topic;
  • Article discussions related to the project/field;
  • Establishing clearly the gaps in the knowledge in the field, and related outstanding questions;
  • Setting clear goals (aims and objectives for the project);
  • Understanding resource and training/development needs in order to accomplish the project goals;
  • Planning and design of experiments;
  • Methodological considerations;
  • Analysis and interpretation of results;
  • Presentation of results and related skills;
  • Consideration of conferences, training and networking opportunities.
  • Dealing with the publishing process;
  • Language polishing/light editing;
  • Responding to peer review'
  • Manuscript, theses and dissertation writing.
Note: This is a Trialect Partnered Program, and all applications have to be submitted to support@trialect.com . Contacting host mentor is a violation of Trialect policies and your application not be considered.